It's been a great run for The Photographers Group Online Workshops and we ain't done yet!  I am working on a new approach for the winter create shorter more concise workshops and workshop series. Check back in soon and join over 100 photographers who have Zoomed in to increase their fun and satisfaction with photography.

Ready to learn a little more about how to think about your photos. Check out Secrets of Composition, a concise eBook (39 action packed pages) about all that stuff in your viewfinder and how to arrange it.

It's full of tasty nuggets of photo wisdom gleaned from over 40 years of peering through a viewfinder. Available in PDF format that you can print out so you can read it without having to be at a machine. Also available in eBook format for tablets and smart phones.

Soon to be available on Amazon for $100.00 but you can get it here for only $6.

Yes, yes. Send me a copy of SECRETS OF COMPOSITION! I love secrets.


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