The Photographers Group is a platform for our photography, to learn, get better and create with fellow photographers.  This website is the gateway to see what is happening, connect with others and be part of our adventures.

As a group we do projects and exhibit our work.  Our purpose to create and archive a collective body of work that expresses this time in our world.  Showing what we saw.  Check out all the projects we've done so far at PROJECTS

We have a variety of online workshops and outings with topics from basic to advanced to build our skills.  See the schedule at WORKSHOPS .

Add yourself or your photo organization to our COMMUNITY page directories and use these directories to get to know your fellow photographers and learn about camera clubs and photo meetups in the region.

We also have a Facebook Group where you can share photos and connect with other members.

If you've been part of our projects or workshops you are officially a member of The Photographers Group.  If you haven't participated yet and would like to receive information about upcoming activities simply hit SUBSCRIBE and provide us with your email so we can connect with you.