The Green Project is an experiment that grew out of an earlier project, Winter Light in B&W.

The intent of the winter light project was to focus on tonality, the highlights, shadows and contrast of a winter scene. As the earth warmed and plants grew we shifted from black and white to color, from tonality to hue.

For the GREEN PROJECT, photographers zeroed in on the color green as expressed by plants. They cropped in very tight making color, the hue of green, the subject of their photos.

Hundreds of photos were taken and submitted during this past spring and every photo was printed.

The prints were then laid, examined, arranged and then rearranged and rearranged and rearranged again to create this single piece, this montage, consisting of 154 4x6 photos.

When viewing the images in the montage, we can see that not only do the various plants offer wonderfully different hues of green but also the light under which they were photographed impacts the color dramatically. Identical plants photographed under different light have remarkably different hues.

We live in a world of color and the intent of this project was to see it, express it and celebrate it. Many thanks to all the photographers who contributed to this project. It's pretty cool.

Our next project is called "One Summer Day" and will focus the temporal unfolding of a single day in August. All photographers are welcome to participate. Simply sign up for our mail list and you will be kept informed about the One Summer Day Project and how you can join in and contribute. SUBSCRIBE