These are the projects each of us will be undertaking this year.  Each project description reflects the individual photographer's vision for what they what to accomplish and serves as a reminder of what they've committed to do. 

They are published in the order they are submitted.  

Bill Brokaw

I will be producing a collection (a portfolio) of film-based, natural light portraits.  My photos will be shot on medium format film and hand printed. Members of the Photographers Group are invited to be photographed and will receive a hand printed photo.

Bruce Pierson

Equinox to Equinox - Up The Creek
The changing seasons along the Lockatong Creek from the Vernal to the Autumnal equinox in the Wescott Preserve. Flora, Fauna, and the land itself.

Jennifer Rojas

My project will be a photographic essay of sorts on “eco-therapy,” mindful use of public lands vs over use of public lands and the use of leave no trace principles. Both written narrative and digital photography will be utilized.

Bill Donohue

My project will be to take photographs inspired by American artist, Edward Hopper. Hoppers unique style of deep shadows in contrasting light typically focuses on isolationism of individuals in society. Those that are by themselves or those that might just feel by themselves and disconnected from their partners or the rest of the world. Even if you do not think you know him, you likely know his work. My photographs will, hopefully, tell modern day stories in a style akin to his.

His most famous painting is Nighthawks:

Luis Nuñez

Seasons at Ramapo Reservation and Goffle Brook Park.  A series of photos taken at different seasons at both places during the course of the year from approximately the same vantage point.

Eileen Kirsch

I am going to photograph different shape both manmade and in nature.

Jamie Gregson

My project is to create various portrait photos of my toddler-age daughter. These will photos will consist of various settings, positioned and candidate shots.

Alan Stultz

I volunteer with the Raritan Headwaters Association, a non-profit dedicated to the preservation of clean waters in the Raritan Watershed. I do mostly chemical and biological monitoring of streams and lab work. I intend to produce a portfolio of photos showing various volunteers in action doing monitoring and stream cleanup.

Pam Hirst

My project will be to visit wildlife refuges and nature preserves to photograph the wildlife, insects and plants in their natural settings. I plan to show which ones can be found during different seasons and how the settings or landscape changes over the year.

Steve Buller

My project is architectural photography, to learn what defines it, and to submit a variety images taken using digital camera equipment and techniques.

Aileen Britt

I am embarking upon the journey of teaching my 10 year old manual mode on a dslr. I would like my project to include both of our images, showing chosen images consisting of both her take on a subject as well as mine, from the beginning of our journey until we meet her goals.

Lori Van Pelt

Sweating the Small Stuff with Macro Photography: An exploration of the little things in life and finding beauty in the commonplace items that surround us.

Lynn Heyns

I am an avid hiker and photographer. During my hikes I see and photograph all sorts of faces and characters in trees, rocks, roots, water, ice and sky. My objective is to use photography to show people the hidden things in nature, to see nature in a fun and different way and to hopefully encourage young people to get out and explore the outdoors more.

Dan Acker

Small Town America. The project aims to capture the small towns I visit throughout my travels this year. There has been a small town revitalization over the past 10 years and many towns here in PA and NJ have opened their doors to their reimaged Main Streets with a diverse collection vendors, artists and musicians.

John Charneski

Night photography, Full Moon landscape, Astro, and hopefully Milky Way.

Rhyta Rounds

Project Vintage is my subject. This is such a diverse topic and includes so many of the subjects I usually photograph and gravitate towards. Inside or outside, there is always something "vintage" or ageless to photograph.

Barry McMickle

My project is to create a collection of black and white infrared film based landscape photos. I plan to use a Mamiya RB67 film camera using either the Ilford or Rollie 120 Infrared film with a Hoya 72r filter. I am leaving open the option of scanning the negatives or possibly printing the negatives in a dark room. Trying to get dramatic images including plants and water as well as typical landscape compositions. Some of the challenges will include determining the correct exposure and camera focus both are different than with light.

Rob Creteau

My plan for this project is something I have been thinking about for some time. I will photograph bridges over the Raritan River, and yes I know that is a long subject. I may have to refine or limit the project, or not. This could turn into a multiple year task. I have to think about it more. But for now I will get started.

Dave Lennard

My project will be to capture images that represent our daily lives in the places we live. The goal will be to create some appreciation of the mundane beauty of our lives.

Jack Brown

Views of Philadelphia. Emphasis on blue hour and night but not exclusively.

Rich Coniglio

My project is to explore the creative possibilities of high contrast photography. I plan on working in both studio and street settings in black and white and color.

Bob Opacki

Carl LaVo was an editor for the Buck Co. Courier Times. Now retired, he writes a weekly column for the paper documenting historic sites in Bucks County. In January he came out with a list of his twelve favorite sites. My project will be to document these sites.

Alex White

Public service. To document those in public service such as firefighters, police officers, EMT workers, construction workers, etc.
May decide to limit project to one category.

Kristen Baker

Still life studies based on old Dutch master's paintings. I will be experimenting with studio lighting and symbolism of objects.

Laura Orbine

Where will the road take us in 2020? Photographs taken from inside a motor vehicle. I promise not to click 📸 while driving.

Sara Pinkus

There's no end to the photo subjects that can be juxtaposed. In my project, I'll work to juxtapose my images in unique ways with varied themes!

John Bavoso

My challenge will be to build and use “pin hole” cameras and media to capture the flow of light and time as it passes static objects and scenes. I have no idea at all what I am doing or if this will work! Wish me luck!

Christine Musa

Life in a rural African village, Sierra Leone .

Sue Ann Rainey

Document disappearing structures and buildings that have been slowly falling apart and the location after the building is gone.

Richard Lewis

Pine Barrens Atlantic White Cedar Swamps
The New Jersey Pine Barrens is one of the greatest gifts to the state of New Jersey yet many people either don't know or don't understand the significance of our local wilderness. Within the Pine Barrens are several distinct environments the most surreal are the Atlantic White Cedar swamps. These places are difficult to get into, but it is worth the trip. Wet and dark these swamps have a primordial and surreal feel with amazing light filtered through the dense forest canopy of the cedar trees.

Robert Kay Sr

Americana Images and the Grand Old Flag. Pictures of interesting and historic places in our community (Bucks, HuntCo, Mercer, etc...) that either already have an American Flag on them (Barn, Statues, Signs, etc...) or where the Flag was added. All pictures will have the American Flag in them somewhere.

Kathy Conway

My project is a study of trees. What I hope to show is the parallel trees have to human life. Their roots, trunks, faces and branches can be page out of anyone's life from diverted paths, twists and turns and survival in the most precarious inhospitable places.

Elaine (Lawton) Walko

NJ 9/11 Memorial Tribute. As we approach the 20th Anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, produce a body of work to honor and remember those lost and affected by capturing many of the 9/11 memorials throughout the state of New Jersey. #neverforget

Lori Lucas

I am going to focus on portraits, building a broad portfolio of portraits with the goal of better understanding and capturing light. Objectives include how to use additional light sources and flash to enhance an image. Additional objectives are to better articulate my vision to a model, to provide more direction for posing, to learn how to adopt to movement during a model shoot more quickly as occurs with children as subjects, to improve on post editing of skin tones and cosmetic nuances and to shoot more closer to the final image.