"Project Quarantine"

COVID-19 swooped down and shut us in for months. How did it impact us?  This is a question we will be answering for years.

From late March through May 2020 members of the Photographers Group lived a quarantined life and took photos as photographers will do.

In June we compiled a  collection of our images that express what we saw and recorded. These images range from the mundane aspects of being cooped up to the scenes of things we've never experienced before in our everyday world.

The are published in an online gallery "PROJECT Q" and were contributed to the Hunterdon County Library's COVID-19 Reflections project.

As of the date of the publication of these photos (June 2020) the quarantine was eased in the US but the pandemic continued and began to grow again leaving us all uncertain as to what the future would bring.

Project Q was conceived and coined by Lori Lucas, a member of The Photographers Group.  The idea was for us to make a record of how COVID-19 unfolded in our lives.