The River Towns Project 2017

River Towns Project Timeline Poster

Spring was becoming the season for our major flagship project.

Follow the success of our first river town project when we focus on just one town, we decided to expand to six towns: Frenchtown, Lambertville, New Hope, Stockton, Milford and Riegelsville.

When the word went out, 700 photographers expressed interest and over 200 ultimately participated, getting out and getting images. The weekend wasvan "event' with photographers happily encountering each other in the various towns.

We had two exhibits, one in Frenchtown at Brokaw Photography the first weekend and the other in Lambertville in Lambertville at River Valley Realty the following weekend.


Anticipating it would be a fun event, we created a little documentary about the project featuring some of the many photographers. Everything about the project was fun and fulfilling.

In addition to the print exhibition we created our first on-line gallery to make all the photos available to those who couldn't make the exhibits. The gallery also serves as a public archive for the photos enabling us to view them for years to come.

The River Towns Photo Exploration Project Gallery