The Pocketkamera Project

Pictures are stories.

The Pocketkamera Project is a bunch of short stories. Some are really short. One quick shot. Others are a little longer. More like tiny essays.

I write them with the camera I carry around in my pocket. Its about the size of a packet of cigarettes but doesn't smell like tobacco. Its an Olympus Touch TG-5. Water proof, shock proof. Bill proof. I've dropped it more than once and sometimes we get wet.

The idea is to find a photo every day and post at least one on Instagram so people can see them (@brokawphoto). I collect them. I have a lot. I keep them organized by date.

I even make sure the date is in the file name.

The date doesn't seem to be too relevant for many of them but it's there anyway. Whatever it was I photographed won't last forever but it existed when I shot it. So that's that.

It's the when part of the story.

Some are jokes. I look for jokes. People are funny. They put weird stuff on their lawns. I like weird.

Mostly, I like interesting. When driving, I stop and turn around a lot because I see something interesting.

I especially like photographing people. They are always interesting. When they ask me why I want to take their picture I say its because I like taking pictures. Which is true. Sometimes they buy it but it's a pretty weak reason.

I want to tell them about my project. Maybe I'll get some cards made. They can point to this monolog.