This project is about the unfolding of a single summer day. Two single summer days, actually.

The first day was Saturday, August 28, 2021, but it was cloudy and we will added another day, Saturday Sept 4th.

The 28th is the last Saturday of blissful August and Sept 4th is the first Saturday of September. Our objective for this project is to chronicle each day, to visually record it from dawn to dusk. We will create an online gallery of all the photos and the top photos will be exhibited at the South Harrison Street Outdoor Gallery and compiled into a book.


All photos must be taken on August 28 or September 4th, starting with the first light of dawn and concluding with the fading rays of twilight.

Photos can be taken anywhere with any kind of camera or cell phone.

All photos will be in color and files must be renamed before being submitted.

Every photo submitted must be named with four digits representing the time the photo was taken (without a colon) and ending with the photographer's first and last name. 24 hour, military style time is required.

For example, if I take a photo at 3:30 in the afternoon, my file will be named: "1530-Bill Brokaw.jpg"

This naming convention will allow us to sort, display and publish the images chronologically.

Only registered photographers are eligible to submit photos. Registration ended August 21st.


August 28th photos must be submitted by September 3rd. September 4th photos need to be submitted by September 12th. This gives you a few days to review and polish your photos for submission. Over-processing is strongly discouraged. Your goal is to show what you experience, what you see throughout the day.

Landscape format images are preferred. There is a modest submission fee of $3 per file.

The photos will be sorted chronologically and uploaded for viewing and voting by the photographers. The photographers with photos receiving the most peer reviewed votes will be invited to participate in the print exhibition and inclusion in the book.