The Winter Light in B&W project was an exploration of winter light, starting six weeks before the winter solstice and lasting until six weeks after the solstice. This is the period when the light is lowest in the sky and the trees are bare revealing their structure.

Approximately 70 members of The Photographers Group photographed bright sunny days, heavy rain, thick fog and snow, then rendered them in black and white to express the tonality and contrast of the light and how it shapes an image. The photos were compiled at the end of each month of the project (November, December and January) and were posted on an on-line gallery for viewing: Winter Light in B&W Gallery

The judging was peer to peer. All 1000+ members of The Photographs Group were invited to review the photos and select the most outstanding images.

The results were compiled and the top 20 or so (depending on the vote count) are featured for each month. The photos illustrate how these photographers view and capture the world around them. The photos are presented chronologically based on the date created.

The entire body of work was published as a hardcopy book.