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The 2022 Winter Lights Project is a 180 flip from our 2020-21 Winter Light in B&W project and everyone is encourage to participate.

The 2020 Winter Light in B&W project was all about the tonality of natural, winter sunlight. You had to go outside, breathe fresh air, freeze your fingers and the photos had to be in B&W.

Not so with the Winter Lights Project. I like to call this out Inner Light Project.

You can take photos anywhere, indoors or out, and keep the color. In fact, the photos have to be in color and they have to be photos of or illuminated by artificial lights, people-made light. No natural light. Fake light only. Indoors or outdoors. Underground or in the air.

Here's chance to play with light, the colors it casts, the way it plays on your subjects and the moods it induces. You can manipulate the lights to create effects you want or shoot from the hip banging out awesome shots that make jaws drops and people to exclaim. "Nice light!'


1- Photos should be taken during during January and February 2022.

2- The primary subject should be the light its and the light must be artificial such as Incandescent, LED, fluorescent, neon, argon, sodium, etc.

No: firelight, fireflies, glow worms, plasma torches, tiki torches, candles, fireworks, matches, gas pilot lights, bioluminescence, glowing lava, lightning, sunlight, moonlight, moonshine or any other non artificial light that I can't think of.

The glow of nan-made nuclear radiation is permissible but you'll need access to a reactor.

Also - no electronic flash.

3- Photos must be in color and should not be over-processed. Keep it real. It's about the light, how it looks and how it illuminates our subjects.

4- Files must be named properly. "Photographers Name-title.jpg". That means you have to change the file name before you upload it.

Make the file name looks normal. The first letter of your first and last names should be upper case. There should be a space between you first and last name , then a dash and a very short two-three word title.

Here is an example - "Phylis Phlaxly-Backlit Skull.jpg"

5. The last day to take a photo for the project is Feb 28th.

There is a low five dollar submission fee if you submit one photo. If yousubmit more photos at a time, the cost per photo goes down.

All photos will be displayed on our Zenfolio online gallery for everyone to review and curate. The top photos will be exhibited at the world famous South Harrison Street Outdoor Gallery in Frenchtown probably in March if things go well.

This may be our most colorful and original show ever. Throw some energy into it. Make magic happen!


Winter Lights
Winter Lighs


Use this form to submit winter lights photos. Files must be named properly - "Photographers Name-Title of photo.jpg". Up to five files can be submitted at once. When you hit SUBMIT you will be transferred to the contribution page for the submission fee.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpeg, jpg.
    You can upload up to five photos at a time. Maximum file size is 10MB.