Brokaw Photography

The photographers who participated in the Barns, Buildings and Bridges Project are from all over the and vary from novice shooters to seasoned professionals.

The project was a collaboration between The Photographers Group and the Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce. The goal was to create images that documented the built environment of Hunterdon County during the summer of 2020 and to publish and preserve theses images.

The goal of the project also was to support and promote photographers, each of whom has a unique perspective of the world and the skills to express this vision in photographs.  These images are not only documentary in nature but are also individual works of art.   Every photograph taken, processed and submitted took time, energy and intention.

The photos will be donated to the Hunterdon Historical Society for its archives to serve as a historic reference for future generations.  They also will be published in an eBook that will be available to the public. See this blog post to learn more About the Barns, Bridges & Buildings Photo Project

The best images will be used by the Chamber of Commerce for its publications including Hunterdon Life Magazine and to support its mission of enhancing life in Hunterdon County.  The top photographers photographers will be featured in the magazine and samples of their work exhibited.