About the Barns, Bridges & Buildings Photo Project

During the summer of 2020, over 60 photographers collaborated to produce images of barns, bridges and buildings in Hunterdon County, NJ.

The primary purpose of this project was to be a focus for photographers to create photographs that would give them satisfaction and build their personal portfolios.

To be human is to be creative and photography offers us a wonderful vehicle for creativity. It is simple. It is fun. And its potential for each of us is endless.

In addition to giving photographers a specific focus, the project also sought to create a collective body of work that captures the character of Hunterdon County as it exists now in the early part of the 21st century.

The Photographers Group produced the project and teamed up with the Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce to provide a vehicle for bringing the photos to a broad audience of people. The photos will be used in the digital format of its biannual magazine, Hunterdon Living, as well as on its social media platforms celebrating Hunterdon and in various publications and media. In the next issue of Hunterdon Living, the Chamber will feature and profile select photographers who produced outstanding work.

Listen to Chamber President, Chris Phelan’s short address:

Below is the video that was especially created to celebrate and recognize the project photographers. The video starts with a quick snippet of everyone’s photo, highlights the Outstanding Merit Photographers and features interviews with the Top Photographers, whose stories no doubt resonate with all of us.

Three photographers were selected as Top Photographers, one in each of the three categories. Lycia Costa for her photo of a blue barn, Ken Curtis for his photo of the Horseshoe Bend Road stone bridge and Louise Fiore for her photo of the Hunterdon Lanes building.


Twelve photos were identified as being outstanding photos and they will be featured along with the top photos in Hunterdon Living Magazine and across social media.


And a special thanks to our jurors who culled through the photos and provided their insights on those that resonated with them. Thank you, Joe Coco, Rick Epstein, Chris Phelan and Anne Thornton. You made excellent selections.

Approximate 400 photographs were produced and the gallery of all the photos can be viewed at:

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