The Winter Light in B&W Project was excellent. Approximately 70 photographers participated, going outside to explore and capture winter light from November through January. Four hundred twenty two images were submitted and posted to our on-line gallery. A separate set of photos were submitted each month and were assessed by members of the Photographers Group …



We have a marvelous collection of winter light photos from November. They can be viewed at Over the past week members of the Photographers Group have been reviewing them and selecting their favorites. These selections were tallied and the top photos selected for inclusion in the eBook that will be produced as part of …


December Light

I hope everyone is getting out and shooting despite cold fingers and sometimes soggy toes. We are in the second month of our Winter Light in B&W project when the sun is at its lowest in the sky. Above is a sun chart that I generated using on-line application at the University of Oregon ( …

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Why Food Photos

Why do we like taking pictures of our food? I guess because it looks good. What could be better than food? (yeah, I know, there are lots of pictures of that, too). Seeing then eating. How great is that? I’m not sure other people are really that interested in our food photos. They can’t smell …

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Taking Bad Photos

If you aren’t taking bad photos you aren’t taking enough photos. Not that all of your photos need to be bad (that would be bad), but it shows you are reaching. Taking a risk. Pointing and shooting. Sometimes you miss. Maybe often. No one has to see them. If you don’t shoot you’ll never hit.

Shooting Without a Card

My pocket camera (Olympus Tough TG-5) will let me take pictures without a card. It has no internal memory so that means without a card my photos are not recorded. This is not good engineering for someone like me who sometimes forgets to put the card back in after transferring photos to my computer. I …

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I love using a tripod. I just don’t like carrying it around. (especially a heavy one) It doesn’t fit in my pocket, but it is oh so nice and steady. Of course it’s not always practical or convenient but I do tote one around in the car, just in case a low light situations comes …

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Gut Photography

Photography is a technology. It used to be chemistry. Now, it’s mostly electronics. No news, there. Guts are biological. Sensorial. You can feel things in your gut. Well crafted photos need to be technical accurate and have feeling. They are biotechnical.

Secrets of Composition

Book Launch

Here it is. The photography book you didn’t know you wanted. Just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But you don’t have to wait. You can get it now! For years I’ve been thinking & shooting and shooting & thinking and have compiled my insights into compact eBook to share with others who …

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