We have a marvelous collection of winter light photos from November. They can be viewed at

Over the past week members of the Photographers Group have been reviewing them and selecting their favorites. These selections were tallied and the top photos selected for inclusion in the eBook that will be produced as part of this project. We’ll also be launching a Kickstarter Campaign to produce a hardcopy book.

Below is a list of the photos that were selected. The Zenfolio # is the number of the photo in our gallery referenced above.

Zenfolio # Photographer-Photo Title
1 Bill Zupko – Alignment
2 Bill Zupko – Bridging Light And Shadow
17 David Lennard – Vultures
22 Frank Walsh – Tea Time
26 Jamie Gregson – Morning Fog Bare Trees
27 Jean Mallows – Bald Eagle
29 Jean Mallows – Moon Wreath
30 Jean Mallows – Peanuts
32 Jean Mallows – Tree Cluster
35 Jeff Newman – Shoeing a Horse
48 Laura Rainville – foggybridge
49 Laura Rainville – fogman
53 Lori Lucas – cuttaloosa mill
54 Lori Lucas – great balance
55 Lori Lucas – white water kayaker
58 Lori VanDerVeer – Hand Bridge Art
65 Lycia Costa – A room with a view
73 Mke Brint – Winter On the Coast
74 Nanci Helmuth – Birch
77 Rich Coniglio – The Hideout
79 R Terrano – Keeler Oak
83 Summer Pramer – Carl Icahn Laboratory
89 Yvonne Selander – After the Harvest

You. can also enjoy a lovely slideshow of the images set to music on our YouTube Channel.

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