In his daily blog, “A Learning a Day,” ( Rohan Rajiv, provides wonderful everyday wisdom for all of us. One recent post (January 25, 2019) offered these simple words.

“Timely reminder to self – we can’t always do big things, but we can do the small things with extraordinary care.” (

This is the kind of wisdom that resonates with me. As photographers, we know there are many variables to consider when getting a shot: some big, some small. We build our skills to handle the big things like exposure, composition and lighting, but it is often the small things that make or break a photo. Those random objects in the background, small messes in the scene, hair out of place or clothing askew will draw viewers’ attention.

While we may obsess of technical details which are critical for high quality photos, these small things are the things that clients are most likely to notice. If we give attention to the small things the big things will get better, too.

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