The COVID-19 shutdown during the spring of 2020, was a strange time. It felt like we were in limbo. I guess that is because we really were in limbo. People weren’t going to their places of work, kids weren’t going to school and, for some reason, people were hoarding toilet paper.

Going to the grocery store suddenly felt dangerous. Handshakes and hugs were off limits and everyone was potentially a carrier, a vector. We stayed home. If it weren’t for the Internet we would have all gone totally insane. ZOOM became a portal to others.

Even now, as the virus has subsided in the NJ/NY/PA region and things have opened back up, it still feels like we are in limbo. We are. The virus still rages in other parts of the country and other people, especially strangers, are to be avoided. “Keep your distance from me!”

It time, hopefully sooner than later, this will be a distant memory and we will come out of it stronger. (Right?)

The objective of this project was for us to cement this memory of the shutdown by creating images that reflected what we saw, experienced and felt. While our individual photos may not have broad appeal or be meaningful to others, we know where we were and how we were feeling when we got these shots.

The photos are posted on line at: PROJECT Q GALLERY

They have been compiled into an eBook, which is available for download from Google Drive through this link: PROJECT Q eBOOK.

Barry McMickle
Bill Brokaw
Bob Opacki
Brenda Quinn
Bruce Pierson
Carol Manger
Cheryl Bomba
Cindy Fatsis
Daniel Acker
David Voros
Deb Vasey
Diane Granger
Eileen Kirsch
Ellen Rosen
Franks Walsh
Jack Brown
Jamie Gregson
Jeff Newman
Joan Willis
John Bavoso
June Filipski
Laura Case
Laura Orbine
Lori Lucas
Lori Van Pelt
Lycia Costa
Lynn Padwee
Mary Rigby
Melissa Mertzman
Rhyta Rounds
Rich Coniglio
Rob Creteau
Sharlene Holliday
Steven Buller
Steven Wojtowicz
Sue Ann Rainey
Tamela Gorman
Therese Halscheid

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