Life is a project (and it lasts a lifetime).

Within the big metaproject are a seemingly infinite number of mini and micro projects. Projects give us focus. It’s something to git dun whether it’s simply cleaning off your desk or earning a degree.

Photo projects give us focus, too. And can imbue our art (and our selves) with discipline. Once you’ve embarked on a photo project, it’s up to you to git ‘er dun, (or not).

Projects can be big or small and what matters is the commitment to complete them. “Completing” implies that the project is reasonably well-defined and has an objective, an end point, something that can be recognized and accomplished. Open ended projects can’t be completed. They can be implemented but they will never be done. That may be alright in certain cases but you can never have the deep satisfaction of finishing something that has no end point.

For most of us photography is not a survival activity like eating or earning a living. It’s a personal endeavour, something we’ve consciously decided to do, on purpose. Sometimes we may just wander with a camera looking for photos which is fine, but when you are tasked with creating something photographic it adds whole new dimension. Now you are accountable.

Knowing you have an objective to fulfill and working to fulfill it, can boost your powers of concentration and boosting your powers of concentration can improve your life.

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