We love taking picture

We know you have a project in you!

Every photographer has at one time or another thought of a great series of photos to take.  Maybe it's a favorite subject or a technique or a place.

That is why we lunched the Project Project.  This is your call to produce a body of work, a small portfolio centered around a single theme. 

The theme is up to you.  It can be anything but you must be consistent.  Your mission is to create a collection of images that directly expresses the theme you've chosen.

The intent is for you formulate a project and then to immerse yourself. 

Check out the list of project descriptions submitted to date: PROJECT DESCRIPTIONS

Currently, there is no fixed deadline, due to the pandemic.
But there is hope and progress. We may be able to have a summer exhibition.

The most important thing is that you have a focus in mind and can bring it forth.  That is the intent of this project.

We will also produce an online gallery for each participant and  may launch a Kickstarter Campaign to produce a book.

Fill out the form below describing your project.