We ease into darkness as November flows into December, each day getting dark a little earlier and just when we start getting used to it it starts to change. Ever so slightly it becomes noticeably lighter earlier and stay lighter a little longer

A great site for tracking the sun (and the moon) is The Photographers Ephemeris which shows the angle of the sun and moon anytime of any day from anywhere on the planet. (Not bad, huh?)

It is perfect for figuring out just where and when the sun or moon will rise or set and planning a shoot.

Want to get a photo of the full moon rising over a particular landscape? Plug in the address and date then use the slider to see where the moon will be and when.

December 21st is the solstice and a short day but not necessarily the day of the latest sunrise or earliest sunset. The latest sunrise (at 7:23 am) will be January 4th this time around the sun and the earliest sunset (at 4:32) was December 3rd. This will vary depending on location.

The Photographers Ephemeris is definitely a handy application. It’s free but you can show your appreciation by throwing them a fin or two.

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