I love using a tripod. I just don’t like carrying it around. (especially a heavy one)

It doesn’t fit in my pocket, but it is oh so nice and steady. Of course it’s not always practical or convenient but I do tote one around in the car, just in case a low light situations comes up and I need a steady base.

Most of the time I’m messing around with my pocket camera (an Olympus Tough, point and shoot) which doesn’t particularly like high ISOs. It starts off noisy and gets noisier if I push it. So when it’s dark, I need to lower my shutter speed to get a good exposure.

If I am hand holding below 1/60 of a second, chances are I’m going to wobble and blur my shot. I’ll push the IOS if I need to, but sitting my camera on a tripod makes a much better photo.

Tripods slow you down, but what the heck. I’m not always in a hurry.

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