We take photos for two audiences, ourselves and others. We look, we find something, maybe a scene, an object, an expression, a moment and then we capture it. We frame it and manage settings to render it as an image.

We are our first audience but it rarely stops there (except for fails!). There is an urge to share what we see. To show others. To present to an audience.

That’s what exhibitions, displays and social media do for us. They deliver our vision to an audience. Displaying our images adds another dimension and can be very satisfying.

Does the audience see what we see? Do they catch the nuances and details? Do they feel what we felt when we took the photo? Possibly, but maybe not entirely. You have a filter and see what you see. Others have a filter, too and may filter out some of what you are showing.

This is to be expected, but maybe it’s not that important. What matters is that you are seeing, feeling and showing. It’s your outward expression. Let it flow.

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