Winter Light in B&W Project

Our latest project, Winter Light in B&W, is all about seeing light and creating images that celebrate it. Winter light is wonderful. The low angle of the sun creates a rich, creamy light and long shadows. Lots of opportunities for cool photos.

Winter Light in B&W

Most of our projects focus on the stuff in our pictures; the places we document, people we encounter and structures we shoot.

This time we are focusing on light and light’s best friend, shadow.

It’s fun to explore and play with light. The idea of converting everything to black and white frees us up from wrestling with color. We can screw around a lot more when we don’t have to worry about creating weird and unnatural colors.

There is so much we can do from playing with contrast to fine tuning how various colors are translated into grey tones.

Our eBook will be a collection of photos that express this light. There are so many options we just can’t help having fun with this. You can shoot anywhere in the northern hemisphere (where it’s winter) as long as you are outside and in natural light.

It will be so interesting to see the collection of photos that we generate. The modest photo submission fee will be used to support the project, create the eBook and hopefully mount an exhibition.

I know I’m gonna have fun with this and will be blogging about it often. Click here to submit photos:

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