Everyday we leave a trail, footprints. We leave an imprint on the world.

Often it is localized to the world around us and sometimes it reaches farther. How much of an impact we have or will want to have will vary. Maybe we want to fly under the radar or to be famous and influential.

Either way we are leaving a legacy of one kind or another.

Your photos are certainly part of your legacy. They are a record of what you saw and how you saw it.

Many of us produce quite a few photos. It is easy to do. Just point and push the button.

Then what? You’ve just created part of your legacy. What happens to all those photos you’ve taken?

Are they dumped in a bucket in the cloud? Do they make a brief appearance on social media and then forgotten?

Maybe. Does it matter? Which is more important, the action of seeing and creating a photo or looking at it? Which one is the legacy?

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