Book Launch

Here it is. The photography book you didn’t know you wanted. Just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But you don’t have to wait. You can get it now!

For years I’ve been thinking & shooting and shooting & thinking and have compiled my insights into compact eBook to share with others who love to think about how they shoot. My guess is that many readers will intuitively recognise many of the techniques I use to craft my images. The ideas aren’t new. They’re timeless.

When we begin to articulate our intuition, magic happens. This book is intended to get you thinking.

I spent many years as a photojournalist, wedding, event and street photographer where we don’t have much control over what’s happening, but we have total control over how you we it and frame it. While this book is heavy on this kind of photograph, its principles can be applied across the photography spectrum.

Seeing and framing are what photography are all about. To get your copy click the link below. I hope you like it!

Secrets of Composition

Secrets of Composition

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