Sometimes we just like to to take photos for fun. Random pictures here and there during a trip or an event. But sometimes we like to take on something more long term. A project.

Taking a photo is an action. It may take just a fraction of a moment or it may be more planned out, but it’s pretty much a singular action. String together a series of these actions over a short period of time and they start to build into an event.

Stopping on the side of the road to get a photo is an action. Walking along a county lane or being at a gathering looking for and taking shots is an event.

Put together actions and events in an organized systematic way and you have a project. Projects usually have a theme or a premise and can keep us focused over the long term.

It’s good to have projects. Define what you want to accomplish and have an end result in mind. It will build your skills, your discipline and your focus.

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