How often do you think about organizing your photos, reviewing the 10,000 or so images you’ve taken then deleting the bad ones and sorting the good ones?

For many of us it’s an exercise in procrastination. (and they say we don’t get enough exercise).

Here is a suggestion. Instead of wearing yourself out procrastinating about past shots why not organize your stuff from here on in? The calendar rolls over tomorrow giving us a brand new year and an opportunity to start fresh.

This is a good time to start a file management system which can be as easy as creating a few new folders on your hard drive.

You can begin with a top level folder simply labelled 2019 PHOTOS. Then within this master folder, create subfolders that reflect the kinds of photos you take such as FAMILY, TRAVEL, EVENTS, LANDSCAPE, STREET PHOTOGRAPHY, SPECIAL PROJECTS etc. Within these subfolders is where you can stash your photos. You might even want to break down the categories a little further by date or specific topic.

This is also a good time to have a back-up system. The cloud is often a popular option but it is wise to remember that the remote hard drives on which you are storing your files do not belong to you. You are just renting space and if you ever stop paying rent or the cloud storage company drops your account … well good bye photos. An external hard drive is always a good idea in addition to (or instead of) cloud storage. You own that puppy and don’t have to worry about it going away.

Right now, as of today (New Years Eve day) 2019 is a totally blank slate. Clean and perfect.

So instead of going backwards, move forward. Spend your energy and time on tomorrow’s photos. If you can get into the habit and be consistent you will thank yourself.

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