Why do we take photos?

Maybe it’s the process, the act. The doing that brings us satisfaction. Seems reasonable. There is much more to taking a photo than pointing your camera at something pushing a button. It all the things together. The whole process.

It starts with an urge to create an image and the strategic planning to make this happen. We put ourselves in the right position and at the best angle, make sure the camera settings are right, frame the subject in the viewfinder and then time our shot and triggering the shutter.

Next it is the fun of looking to see what we got. Instant feedback.

And we aren’t done. We get to play with our photos later. Look at them again, sort and edit. Pick our favorites and customize them so they look the way we like them and finaling, we can share them, make them public, put them out there for the world to see.

So all in all, it’s fun, that’s why.

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