Who doesn’t love having and being able to write the date “2020?” We can milk this for a whole year.

We are kicking off our second official year as The Photographers Group and are looking forward to having it be fulfilling and satisfying. The whole idea is to take pictures and to love doing it.

We have three projects planned for the year and may add more if we think of them.

The “Project Project” is for those photographers who would like to create and share a small body of work on a particular theme. The concept was introduced by one of members, Melissa Merztman and we are going to fly with it. It is a year long endeavor. Participating photographers simply state what they intend to do, share their idea with the group and then go for it. Visit “The Project Project” to register.

A second project, Hunterdon 2020, will be to photograph existing structures in Hunterdon and record their coordinates. (See! I got to use “2020” in the title) They can be anything from houses to cell phone towers. The intent is to document what exists now, here in 2020. By recording the coordinates and embedding them in the metadata we can create a Google Earth project with all the items photographed. This project is for more technically oriented photographers and will kick off in the spring.

Our third project is more of an art project and is call The Plastic Project. This project is your opportunity to express what you feel about plastic. It can be conceptual or documentary. We will be teaming up with the local art community and will run this project over the summer.

Let have a good time.

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