Bill Brokaw

Gut Photography

Photography is a technology. It used to be chemistry. Now, it’s mostly electronics. No news, there. Guts are biological. Sensorial. You can feel things in your gut. Well crafted photos need to be technical accurate and have feeling. They are biotechnical.

Secrets of Composition

Book Launch

Here it is. The photography book you didn’t know you wanted. Just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But you don’t have to wait. You can get it now! For years I’ve been thinking & shooting and shooting & thinking and have compiled my insights into compact eBook to share with others who …

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Not something we’d want on a road trip but maybe something we can use creatively in our photos. Blowout is when parts of our photo are totally overexposed. The pixels in the overexposed areas have given up and said, “Too much light, Dude. I’m not going there.” There is no data in blown out pixels. …

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Your Moment of Zen

Zen. If you can define it. It ain’t that. It’s just knowing. Without thought. Like when we are taking pictures. When we’re focusing on focusing and seeing what we are seeing, we ain’t thinking.



It’s not exceedingly rare but, it’s also not everyday we get a nice dark sky that we can use as a background for something in full sunlight. It usually means there is a squall coming or maybe a thunderstorm. Either way it makes a great photo op. This creates a nice natural tonal separation between …

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Thinking in “Stops”

When it comes to exposing my photos, I think in “stops.” Half stops, full stops, multiple stops, traffic stops, bus stops. No wait, scratch those last two. I’m not sure where the term ‘stop’ comes from (maybe Wikipedia knows) but I think it comes from the days when we would would turn our aperture ring …

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Effect of Color Sliders on B&W Photos

Before digital processing, filters were screwed onto to our lenses to modify the light. For black and white photography the most popular filters are red, green, blue, orange and yellow. They all affect the contrast by lightening up objects that share their color and darkening objects that don’t. Make sense? (No). It’s a matter of …

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Building Light

There is no end to the variability of light. Over the course of a day I popped a few shots of the TD Bank on Bridge Street in Frenchtown from the same location at different times of the day. Bridge Street runs west-east and the bank is on the north side so it receives full …

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